A new employer-led childcare funding solution

The Catapillr Childcare Cash Advance Scheme; taking the stress out of managing & paying for childcare and children’s activities.

Salary Cash Advance
An interest-free, 12 month salary advance for your employees, to help cover the upfront costs associated with childcare and children's activities.

Easy to Use
Set up is quick and easy, which means you can offer a new benefit to your employees in a matter of hours.


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Low Cost
Our scheme is affordable, easy to implement within your company and free for your employees.


Our Salary Advance Solution - What is the Childcare Cash Advance Scheme?


Benefits for you as an Employer

Improved Retention Rates

A unique benefit that can help improve employee retention.

Attract New Employees

A new benefit to attract employees.

Employee Engagement

Improve employee engagement & productivity.

Supports Existing Initiatives

Helps to support existing well-being initiatives.


Benefits for your Employees

Lower Childcare Costs
A unique benefit that can help lower childcare costs.

Wider Number of Uses
Nurseries, school holiday camps & sports clubs.

Easier to Manage
Makes it easier to plan & manage your childcare costs.


We provide support to working parents

At Catapillr we have developed a number of solutions to help and assist working parents.  We partner with family-friendly employers who want to improve the wellbeing of their working parent workforce.

Parent specific content

A host of content specifically aimed at supporting working parents.

Financial Tools

To help support and improve working parents financial wellbeing.

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School holiday support

Search a host of school holiday club providers & pay for the cover that suits.


Help & Guidance

Working Parent Survey 2020

  In our second annual working parent survey, we again spoke to working parents to understand the pressures they are facing in managing their home & work lives.  The pandemic had made this balancing act much harder, a theme reflected throughout the survey results. In addition to overwhelming support for employers to offer the Childcare Cash...Continue reading

flexible work parental support

Six ways to be a family-friendly employer….

….by offering flexible work, parental support and new childcare options In response to the Covid19 Pandemic, Catapillr is urging businesses to become more family-friendly, as we believe the wellbeing of families is critical to business recovery. The pandemic has left working parents facing a unique set of challenges.  It’s now more important than ever before,...Continue reading