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Working Parent Survey 2020

  In our second annual working parent survey, we again spoke to working parents to understand the pressures they are facing in managing their home & work lives.  The pandemic had made this balancing act much harder, a theme reflected throughout the survey results. In addition to overwhelming support for employers to offer the Childcare...

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Six ways to be a family-friendly employer….

….by offering flexible work, parental support and new childcare options In response to the Covid19 Pandemic, Catapillr is urging businesses to become more family-friendly, as we believe the wellbeing of families is critical to business recovery. The pandemic has left working parents facing a unique set of challenges.  It’s now more important than ever...

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Three ways in which the Covid19 Pandemic will change your employee’s childcare arrangements

Childcare is a key requirement for both working parents and employers and it’s highly likely that the Covid19 crisis will cause a significant and fundamental change to childcare for the foreseeable future. As schools and childcare providers prepare to reopen on 1st June, working parents should not be left to feel that managing childcare...

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5 Ways To Improve Your Financial Wellbeing

How to improve your financial wellbeing Working parents are always on the lookout to improve their financial wellbeing and to make their money go further.  In fact a recent financial-based survey₂. found the most significant stress for workers in Britain is money₁. During 2019, British workers spent at least 3 hours a week and...

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6 tips to help working parents thrive in the workplace

It’s a worry all working parents face, how to thrive at work, whilst your family and home commitments pull you in every direction. You want to achieve and succeed in your job but struggle against the common negative cultural beliefs that you can’t give as much.  We don’t believe that’s the case. We want...

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