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A New Solution for Flexible Working & Childcare

  A change in flexible working & childcare support is long overdue.  With many parents demanding a more flexible approach to work-life, and the clear benefits to both employers and employees, it is time to normalise flexible working practices.  Forward-thinking companies need to lead the way and answer the calls for flexible working. A more...Continue reading

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Top 10 Flexible Working Arrangements

Top 10 Flexible Working Arrangements

The Flexible Working movement is definitely on the rise and it’s about time too. For some, flexible working is nothing more than starting work earlier or later but for others, it’s the integral piece that allows them to manage their home and work lives. As an employer, it’s key to recognise that flexible working isn’t a “one size fits all”...Continue reading

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An Alternative to Childcare Vouchers

Catapillr has developed an alternative to Childcare Vouchers, following the closure of the scheme to new members, in October 2018. This change has meant that employers can no longer support new employees with their childcare costs and hence people moving jobs have lost a childcare perk, that was worth up to £933 per year in...

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3 Alternative Ways for Employers to help fix the UK’s Childcare crisis. 

The headline of a recent Times news article was Britain has a childcare crisis.  The over-riding theme of the article was about how working parents struggle to find, arrange and pay for childcare. It’s true, the cost of childcare is crippling for many families and often cited as the main barrier preventing women in returning...Continue reading

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