Supporting working parents

begins here

Enabling employers to support their employees with the
management & upfront cost of childcare.

Supporting working parents begins here

Enabling employers to support their employees with the management & payment of childcare.


The Catapillr Childcare Cash Advance Scheme

Issues with childcare are not just about affordability but also with the logistics of managing multiple payments to multiple providers. The idea behind the Cash Advance Scheme is to enable employers to support their employees with the management and upfront cost of childcare.

What exactly is C-CAS?

The C-CAS scheme is a new voluntary employee benefit, that supports working parents with childcare costs.   The closure of the childcare voucher scheme has severely limited the options for employers to support working parents.  The scheme fills this gap, helping to improve retention rates and hence reduce recruitment time and cost.

The scheme enables support to be provided in the form of an interest-free 12-month loan, which is paid into an online account, to then be specifically used specifically for upfront childcare and children’s activity costs.

What can the scheme be used for?

A key attribute of the scheme is flexibility.  The scheme can be used with Ofsted (or equivalent) registered childcare providers or companies/organisations who provide childcare activities, such as after-school & holiday clubs, sports & activity clubs, as well as tutors.  In addition, funds can be transferred into the Government’s Tax-Free childcare account, if applicable.

How long does the loan last?

The interest-free loan is to be repaid over a maximum of 12 months, but the money does not need to be used within the year, which means your employees can build up a balance to pay for all those unexpected childcare costs.

How easy is it for me as an employer to sign up to the scheme?

The scheme can be set up very quickly and easily, by signing a business service agreement with Catapillr.  The scheme requires zero software integration and very little on-going administration.

Is there a lengthy application process for my employees to complete?

The application process is simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes.  There is no need for a credit check and the loan agreement sits between you and your employee.  Once the agreement has been signed, via our online document signing partner, HelloSign, an account is instantly created for your employee.  A loan schedule is then sent to your key contact, HR & payroll departments and once funds have been deposited, your employee is then able to start using the account and making payments.

How can I find out further information about C-CAS?

Please contact us at or click the enquire now button below.  Thanks.


Benefits for you as an Employer

Improved Retention Rates

A unique benefit that can help improve employee retention.

Attract New Employees

A new benefit to attract employees.

Employee Engagement

Improve employee engagement & productivity.

Supports Existing Initiatives

Helps to support existing well-being initiatives.


Benefits for your Employees

Lower Childcare Costs

A unique benefit that can help make childcare more affordable.

Wider Number of Uses

Nurseries, school holiday camps & sports clubs.

Easier to Manage

Makes it easier to plan & manage your childcare costs.