6 tips to become a family-friendly employer

6 simple ways to become a more family-friendly employer

A guide on becoming a more family-friendly employer. Welcome to our guide to help you become a more family-friendly employer. Free childcare for parents to attend Christmas parties, is the latest in a line of novel ideas to help out working parents.  As an employer, you’ll likely to want to create lasting change in...

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Childcare voucher alternative 2019 uk employee benefit working parents

An Alternative to Childcare Vouchers

Catapillr has developed an alternative to Childcare Vouchers, following the closure of the scheme to new members, in October 2018. This change has meant that employers can no longer support new employees with their childcare costs and hence people moving jobs have lost a childcare perk, that was worth up to £933 per year...

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Childcare voucher alternative, tax-free childcare alternative

3 Alternative Ways for Employers to help fix the UK’s Childcare crisis. 

The headline of a recent Times news article was Britain has a childcare crisis.  The over-riding theme of the article was about how working parents struggle to find, arrange and pay for childcare. It’s true, the cost of childcare is crippling for many families and often cited as the main barrier preventing women in...

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