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Top 5 Tips for Evaluating your Childcare

Childcare is becoming increasingly expensive, leading to many working parents looking for ways to get the best possible childcare for the least amount of money.
While this is understandable, there is a need to remember that quality childcare costs money and opting for the cheapest provider could lead to a lower quality of care for your child.

So, how can we be sure that we are getting the best childcare for the money?
To help, we are have prepared some simple tips to keep in mind, when evaluating your child’s care, to ensure that you are getting the best possible and most suitable care for your little one.

Let’s take a look at five aspects of your child’s care that you should review every few months:

1) Child’s Happiness- is your child happy with the childcare facility you chose for them? While it might be safe, and it might offer a wide range of early education activities, your child might not be happy. An unhappy child will not engage socially or thrive in their care setting.

2) Caregiver’s Commitment- is the caregiver passionate about kids and committed to helping them reach their early education learning potential? Alternatively, does the caregiver treat their position like ‘just another job’ and not seem to be passionate about what they do?

3) Is the Child Care Environment Safe?- if you ask yourself this question and any red flags come to mind, it might be time to find another childcare provider. Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance, and if the childcare provider doesn’t have specific safety measures in place, your child could be in danger of injury.

4) Is Your Child Growing And Learning?- does the childcare provider work closely with the children to ensure they are growing and learning both socially and academically? A strong focus on safe and fun free play, social interaction, early reading and math, even foreign languages is essential for your child’s future success.

5) Communication- do you communicate well with your child’s care provider and vice versa? Do they use an online journal system so that you can learn more about how your child is interacting with others and what the children are learning? Excellent communication with your childcare provider is key to ensuring your child is as happy as possible, when in their care.

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