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Activities & Games for your 6-9 month old baby

Let’s get physical!

It’s all going to get a lot busier from 6 months old. During these months your baby is likely to, sit up, bounce on their bottom, push up from their tummy onto hands and knees, and rock back and forth, sit up by pushing from a crawling position with arms at sides, crawl or move by shuffling on his bum, try to help when pulled up to a standing position.  Of course, they will all make this progression at different times, and won’t necessarily do all of them, some babies are so adept at bum shuffling they don’t bother with crawling.

Alongside these gross motor skills, your baby will be busy developing lots of fine motor skills.  Around this age babies develop the ability to Progress from holding things in her palm to using the thumb and first and second fingers, rake at tiny objects with hands, pick up larger objects with fingers, pick up a cup and put it to her mouth, pick up, hold, and control an object using both hands, such as a rattle or shaker, bang objects together, explore objects by grabbing, shaking, sliding and banging them.

All of these new skills are very exciting for you and your baby, but it’s also clearly a time to start moving things out of arms and harms way. There is an amazing range of equipment to help you keep your little one safe, but it’s always a good idea to try to see things from your child’s eye view and keep an eye on what could be coming next, as they always like to surprise us!

So, how can you help your baby to develop these skills?


Babies never seem to tire of this game. At this stage, babies are starting to develop the idea of object permanence. Adapting the game to encourage this is as simple as leaving part of the favourite toy sticking out from the edge of a blanket. As your baby becomes more confident sitting they will begin to reach out to move the blanket, practising both their gross and fine motor skills. As they become more confident try increasing the challenge by hiding the object completely.

Stacking up

A great way to start to develop an understanding of cause and effect is to stack and then knock objects over. Your baby may enjoy helping you to stack the objects up, but the will certainly be enthusiastic helpers when it comes to knocking your stack over!

As their fine motor skills develop they will become increasingly able to.

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