The Catapillr Childcare Cash Advance Scheme

is a new and innovative employee benefit. We partner with employers to improve employee wellness by making childcare more affordable and easier to manage for all working parents.

e-Wallet payment platform

Safe & Secure Payments

Web & Mobile App

Manage Childcare Provider Details


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Childcare Marketplace

Exclusive Offers & Discounts

Key Features and Benefits


  • Promotes gender equality in the workplace
  • Improves retention rates - lowering recruitment costs
  • Increases engagement & productivity


  • Complements any existing employee wellness programme
  • Zero software integration
  • Low cost & minimal admin required


  • Link e-Wallet to tax-free account
  • Flexible use with multiple childcare providers
  • Zero interest fees


  • Make payments using the mobile app
  • Consolidate all childcare provider contact details
  • Access exclusive discounts

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Childcare voucher alternative, tax-free childcare alternative