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We provide support to working parents

At Catapillr we have developed a number of solutions to help and assist working parents.  We partner with family-friendly employers who want to improve the wellbeing of their working parent workforce.

Childcare Salary Advance
An interest-free cash advance to help pay for childcare & children's activities.

Support Articles & Financial Tools
A host of content & financial tools specifically aimed at supporting working parents.

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School holiday support
Search a host of school holiday club providers & pay for the cover that suits.


Our Salary Advance Solution - What is the Childcare Cash Advance Scheme?


The Catapillr Childcare Cash Advance Scheme

Our Childcare Cash Advance Scheme is a new and innovative employee benefit. We partner with employers to improve employee wellness by making childcare more affordable and easier to manage for all working parents.

Salary Cash Advance
An interest-free cash advance for your employees repayable within 12 months.

Affordable Childcare
Making childcare and children's activities more affordable.

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Low Cost
Our scheme is affordable & easy to implement within your company.


Benefits for you as an Employer

Improved Retention Rates
A unique benefit that can help improve employee retention.

Attract New Employees
A new benefit to attract employees.

Employee Engagement
Improve employee engagement & productivity.

Supports Existing Initiatives
Helps to support existing well-being initiatives.


Benefits for your Employees

Lower Childcare Costs
A unique benefit that can help lower childcare costs.

Wider Number of Uses
Nurseries, school holiday camps & sports clubs.

Easier to Manage
Makes it easier to plan & manage your childcare costs.


Full Key Features and Benefits


  • Promotes gender equality
  • Improves retention rates - lowering recruitment costs
  • Increases engagement & productivity


  • Complements existing wellness programmes
  • Zero software integration
  • Low cost & minimal admin required


  • Link e-Wallet to Tax-Free Childcare account
  • Flexible use with multiple childcare providers
  • Consolidate childcare providers details in to one App


  • Make payments via mobile App
  • Parent content & financial wellbeing tools
  • Access exclusive parent focused discounts


Help & Guidance

6 tips to become a family-friendly employer

6 simple ways to become a more family-friendly employer

A guide on becoming a more family-friendly employer. Welcome to our guide to help you become a more family-friendly employer. Free childcare for parents to attend Christmas parties, is the latest in a line of novel ideas to help out working parents.  As an employer, you’ll likely to want to create lasting change in...

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Search a host of school holiday club providers & pay for the cover that suits.

Avoid a stand off like this, resulting in the youngest being duct taped to a chair for interfering.

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Parents make up a large percentage of the workforce, so why wouldn't you want to look after them?

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